The process of painting is a compilation of personal & familial input. We paint what we feel about life, politics, environment, sex, heritage and what the hell ever intrudes our life.

Painting is truly a process starting with hand dominant, eye/hand coordination, color preferences, drawing the essence, size, medium; “When do you stop?” Go one step more and you muck it up. Stopping itself is almost defeatist. Don’t stop, run it into the ground. The old Willy Nelson song, “angels flying too close to the ground;” the closer to the ground, the purer the art.

Beginning  An empty canvas is the scariest thing in the world , much like a blank page is to the writer. If we start with preconceived concepts, the work, the art it is already corrupt. You can’t anticipate all of the happenstance of elements and chemical interactions.  And using the happy accidents that occur, & learn from the “Happy’s” and use them in future work.

Abstraction  Fragmenting  the subject always with the eyes of the brush. “Essence” captures the subject, painting embellishes the essence. Conception : one tried & true formula is the old “garbage can” approach. Toss everything in the garbage can that is not relevant. Keep the dirty & ugly elements & should not be excluded. The very smallest detail can be a treasure trove to explore. Question?  Are all of the elements the “Right texture? Do the elements work in harmony; rhythm inside the borders? Too many questions to resolve.

Heart  I try to inject emotional energy into everything I paint, draw, and sketch. The painting itself is an open door to my soul; sometimes even my ego.

Energy, passion & humor  Most of my work relies on the energy from strong color juxtapositions; no right or wrong, just harmony within itself. The fervor of power from simple brush strokes, the strong against the weak. Sometimes I cannot help myself.

Forms  Shapes that we are ingrained with such as letter forms, typography, signage. Way finding information like maps and directional symbols.

Color  A very subjective subject … color. And the notion of red skies or purple moons … it’s all up the artist. They all belong to the mover of paint. We own the world of color, the world of atmosphere, emotion, energy, message and content; ingrained with the “Munssel” color system. We explore the possibilities of the color tree.

Work  My work is autobiographical in nature. I always paint from my past, my family experiences; local homes that we have lived in; the emotional attachment to lumber &  architecture; the solid love of detail in structures; the shadows cast; and shadows in general.                                              


“I don’t like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me my life.” -Frank Stella



Frankenstein Heart
36 x 36 Acrylic
Stitching a heart. Quite an endeavor, but with humor.



Silver Dawn-Rolls Royce
40 x 30 Acrylic
This painting is like catching lightning in a bottle.
Absolutely pure magic.



24 x 30 Acrylic
This woman, our matriarch, came to this country as a teenager, living in a coal camp with no running water, no central heat and paper thin walls. She gave birth to nine children, including my Father.



Parrot Tulips
30 x 40 Oil
Every still life tells a story about the home environment of the owners and their abode.



Jamison Farm
40 x 30 Acrylic
The farm exists in everything I paint; the architecture, the atmosphere.The farm protocol is work from dawn to dusk.



Kitty Hawk
30 x 24 Oil
The “water” attracts the soul of artists like a magnet.